This animation project was created as an introductory slide to a powerpoint presentation for a client,  giving a general overview of the massing of the project withing it’s immediate context.

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The Advanced Learning Schools Project had been one of my major projects of 2009, and the Music and Arts building of the campus is featured on the back of this month’s The International Educator magazine.


More to come soon…

glassThe cake is coming alive…

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A Saturday night’s concoction of Sketchup Rendering, Wine and Gaston Bachelard:


“Value becomes engulfed in miniature, and miniature causes one to dream…” Poetics of Space

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Recently I’ve been playing around with how to make interactive panoramas with recent renderings. The above movie is only an autopilot version, but the interactive version can be seen here.

I read the following article on how to make Quicktime Panoramas on a forum for Podium. Thanks to Sbx for the info!

40-berryAt the end of this month, 40 Berry will be having a ‘Topping Out’ party, meaning that the superstructure will finally be finished on this project that over the past few years has changed owners, changed budgets, changed funders and changed from being dead to alive on more than one occasion. It seems that now, and I am tempting fate with this, despite Obama’s wants, the period of “Change” is over… Read the rest of this entry »

Edit: If you have troubles viewing the file, click HERE to view in a new window.

This little number was my first test of how a sketchup model comes out when animated using the plugin Animate 2.0 alongside the ‘render all scenes’ option of another of Sketchup’s plugins, Podium. Quick and dirty (especially the blue cars???) but hopefully full of promise…

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I’m trying to decide whether  better images are created by having a  “working knowledge” of mulitple programs or by being good at just one?

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A retroactive post from a visit to the site of 40 Berry towards the end of September. In preparations of pouring the second floor slab and after learning that the ground floor was poured incorrectly we went on site to see how things were coming along. Pretty interesting stuff… the view of manhattan skyline from the second floor (of a total of 7) was alone worth an afternoon out of the office!

Since this trip, the part-funders Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the project got put on hold after pouring the slab. At this date though, the project is back on and work is due to start back up after Thanksgiving… could be one of the last in Williamsburg for a while!

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Last week saw the official photography of the UCP Health Center.  Waking up at 5am in order to be at Jay Street in Brooklyn an hour later and in Central Islip a couple of hours after that (to catch the morning sun) wasn’t as difficult as it should have been.

The day was spent discussing the upcoming election, pondering what we wanted to express in each shot, running up to delivery cars to tell them that their van was in the way or endlessly waiting for clouds to pass by so that the sun would represent the buildling in it’s best light.

It wasn’t the clearest of days so we only got a few shots… but there was something nice about taking photos of someone taking photos of something so important to me.

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